четверг, 7 февраля 2013 г.

Как быстро слепить сову

Этот мастер-класс представлен на сайте http://4crazykings.blogspot.com/. Материалы, которые использовались – это обычная глина для детского творчества (не запекаемая).

Start with a ball (we used Model Magic.)

Smoosh to make circle

Use marker cap to make UUUUUU's on belly

Fold sides in

Fold top down - pinch ears a bit

Use marker cap to make eyes

Use butter knife or similar to make beak -
Finally you can play with a bit by smooshing sides a bit to make owl more round.

Let dry and paint. We used Model Magic here but any clay or modeling clay would work.

 И еще один вариант из того же блога - голова совы:

How To Make A Quick Clay Owl was such a popular post I decided to make a super simple variation.

Start with a small ball of Model Magic or clay.

Flatten with your palm.

Loosely fold in half.

Pinch with your thumb and pointer finger.

Gently pull up ears.

Shape and pinch.

Use the cap of a marker to make eyes.

You can use a smaller marker to make inside part of eye.
You could also push in google eyes or paint eyes in when dry.

This fall the girls got to meet this sweet barn owl who was rescued by the local Audubon Society. He had been hit by a car. 


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